Surfing together the Probiotic Galaxy

We create innovative 

probiotics with 

a proven positive 

impact on life, 

thanks to a 

deep integration 

of research 

and production

Who we are

How we do it

We offer solutions for improving people’s quality of life

We develop some of the most innovative probiotics in terms of activity they  possess and health applications they can be used 

for - a range of natural solutions 

to foster well-being.

What we offer

Ready to market

High science

Tailor made

We provide our customers with a wide range of ready to market formulations, thus greatly shortening the kick off times of the project.

The continuous desire to go beyond the borders has led our R&D department to develop advanced and unique formulations with specific and tested applications.

We develop and manufacture exclusive probiotic and symbiotic formulations following the specific needs of each customer, from the concept to the packaging. 

Our therapeutic areas

Beauty from Inside





Healthy ageing


& allergology





Oral care

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Innovative technologies developed and patented

Allergen free


Strain in oil

Avoid the use of any potential allergen, both in the probiotic strains and finished dosage forms

Enable strains to pass safely through the stomach and reach the intestinal tract intact

Keep the probiotic strains highly viable for the entire shelf life

Exploring a borderless world through the microscope

A noble purpose carries the soul of a company, it lights a strategic beacon that drives the business, it stimulates the commitment and passion of those who work in that company and encourages continuous innovation.

Giovanni Mogna

– Probiotical Founder

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